I started reflexology treatments with Catherine over a year ago after having been recommended by a friend of mine and I can honestly say she has truly changed my life and health as it was. I was taking large amounts of pain medicine for neuropathic hand pain following spinal chord surgery and I had limited feeling and movement in one of my feet.


After about 4 sessions of reflexology I saw a marked difference in myself; both in a reduction in pain and need for medicine and an improvement in movement. I have continued to come and cannot believe how different I now feel and am, both physically and emotionally. Catherine is professional, sensitive and completely focussed and clear about my health and I absolutely love coming every week. These treatments have helped me more than any other conventional interventions. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come to Catherine, as she is simply amazing.


Nicky Darling, Inverkeithing



I took ill in June 2008 and after a stay in hospital following a collapsed lung in September 2008 I decided to try some alternative therapy to aid my recovery and help me to relax.


I found Tranquil Haven on the internet.


Initially, I had weekly Reflexology and Indian Head Massages and I noticed an improvement with my health within a month. I am now fully recovered but still have monthly sessions because I enjoy them. It's now a case of "want them" rather than "need them"


Catherine is a very warm and welcoming lady and I had no trouble in feeling at ease in her company. Her treatment room is warm and cosy and there is lovely chill out music playing quietly in the background.


At my first session Catherine completed a health questionnaire with me and we discussed what I hoped to achieve from the Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments. Catherine also keeps a record of results from treatments so that you can see how your health is improving.


As a person who would usually have a full body massage in a beauty salon I was very surprised at how fantastic the Indian Head massage was. The massage covers your back, arms, face and head - it's just wonderful and a welcome relief when you are not feeling tip top ! I always get a good night's sleep after a session. The condition of my hair has also improved and it's grown quicker too - which is an unexpected bonus


The Reflexology treatment is also very relaxing but most importantly it has helped with my recovery. When I first started having Reflexology I was amazed at how my symptoms showed up on my feet.


Catherine has worked on them and as I've progressed through my treatments my symptoms have diminished to the point where they have just disappeared. It's really quite remarkable.


Catherine takes time to explain what she is doing and is clearly an expert in her field.


I would definitely recommend both type of treatments to anyone who is looking to improve their health or just want some relaxation time.


Mrs L Hope, Dunfermline



"I have had about 5 Indian head massage treatments in the last 3 months for stress, and each time I arrive for treatment in varying degrees of stress after work, and I leave feeling energised, revitalised and alert.


My hair is growing more quickly, my hairdresser is amazed....


On one occasion I arrived for my treatment with the beginnings of a headache, by the time I left it had gone and did not return.


At the latest treatment, my left eye was very sore & aching after intense opthalmic investigations I had recently undergone. After the head massage treatment, the soreness had gone & has not returned.


Always a very enjoyable treatment in relaxing & welcoming surroundings, I would encourage anyone to take the plunge & try this type of therapy."


And for the reflexology hand massage...... A truly relaxing experience, reflexology hand massage is diagnosis by touch, revealing symptoms of pain or congestion around the body. I was amazed at the intensity and accuracy, and left the treatment feeling as if someone had read my inner thoughts."


Kathryn Smith, Dunfermline



"Would just like to thank you Catherine for my Hopi Ear Candle experience, it was very relaxing and worked a treat! After spending over three weeks with sinus problems and after only one session with you, my sinus' are clear. I will not hesitate to get this done again, as I suffer quite a lot with sinus problems. I will be booking my daughter in now, as she is having hearing problems at the moment and I would rather try the Ear Candles before I take her to the doctor."


Fiona Martin, Kingseat



"I've had a number of Indian Head Massage treatments from Catherine and think it's good value for money as you basically get 3 massages in one! A back, neck & shoulders massage a head massage & a face massage. I get a lot of benefit from it. It's very relaxing and enjoyable, has made my hair grow more quickly and become thicker and I find it releases tension in my neck and shoulders. It is done in pleasant surroundings with a soothing effect and gives me time to myself."


Judith Davidson, Dunfermline



"Since reaching that menopausal time in my life, everything seemed to go wrong. I was having hot flushes, my hormones were out of balance, my immune system was low and I was having problems with cysts erupting around my eyes. I was also feeling very stressed at times with my work and found it difficult to wind down.


I started having regular sessions of Reflexology with Catherine and it was wonderful. She was very understanding and made me feel at ease. She encouraged me to relax and just allow the treatment to work. She explained that Reflexology helps the body to re-balance itself by gently stimulating the various parts of the feet. As Catherine worked on my feet I occasionally felt a twinge and I knew she had found the areas in my body that had been causing me problems.


At present I feel so much better generally and much more relaxed. My hot flushes have subsided and the cysts on my eyes have gone. I intend to continue treatment sessions with Catherine in the foreseeable future".


May McArdle, Springfield



"Having had four sessions of reflexology I would recommend the experience to anyone looking for a way to improve their energy levels, to relax or to treat a more specific problem.

After each session I felt very sleepy and had a restful nights sleep. The following day I was feeling very energetic and bright.


I was very impressed by the fact that Catherine identified ailments I had forgotten I had! I suffer from a painful shoulder on occasions, but had not mentioned it until it showed up on my feet. Minor things such as blocked sinuses also showed up.


As with many holistic treatments, it is difficult to prove the sessions helped my condition, but I felt they definitely had a positive effect on me.


I am in good health but would certainly try some complementary treatments to deal with any future problems".


Sandra Reid, Dunfermline

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