Why complementary therapies work?

Two recent items of news got me thinking about the benefits and use of alternative medicines and complementary therapies to help sufferers and cure some diseases, conditions and ailments.


The first piece of news was the news that taking Asprin on a regular basis can combat cancer. The chemists that created Asprin and the doctors that prescribed Asprin for patients with a risk of heart conditions, had no idea that taking Asprin for these purposes could have such beneficial effects on cancer.


The second piece of news, almost identical to the first, is that this time Metformin, a diabetes drug, seems to combat certain kinds of cancer.


These two items of news highlight how some medicines help or combat cancer, even though they have not been developed by the drug companies or prescribed by the doctors and pharmacists to do so. More importantly, they show how an open-minded and enlightened medical profession can use specific medicines for the benefit of their patients, even though there is little or no scientific explanation for doing so. They are using them because they work, and in the hope that, at some stage in the future, sufficient scientific study and research will be done to show why they work and justify their actions today.


Compare this with the view of large parts of the medical profession to complementary therapies. The medical professionals can clearly see that complementary therapies work for some people, but, because there is no scientific understanding or explanation for why it works, some refuse to use or recommend these therapies.


I too was sceptical of some forms of complementary therapies until I studied them, trained in them and used them. But I now know that, for some reason, they seem to work for the majority of my clients.


I have seen clients suffering from conditions, such as severe colitis, improve to the point where a scheduled operation was cancelled and the need for prescribed medication was reduced or removed.


Another client with severe nerve pain following spinal surgery has been able to control her nerve pain and reliance on pain killers through reflexology. Therefore, (like the medical professionals) I will go on using them until "sufficient scientific study and research has been done to show why they work and justify my actions today".

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