Chill out at Christmas

I'm writing this while preparing to enter the 'rugby scrum' that's called Christmas shopping. Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through it year after year? Where is the pleasure in it?


I think most of us do it, not for us, but for our families, so we can all have a special time, doing special things with special people!


But preparing for Christmas and Christmas itself is incredibly stressful and takes such a lot out of us as we 'fight' and 'wrestle' with our neighbours for the last fresh turkey or with another mum for the last toy that every child wants and no shop has. And although the Internet alleviates some of these worries, they are replaced with those nagging doubts that the goods will not appear on time, they will be the wrong size, the wrong colour, etc. To top it all, worry and stress at Christmas don't end when everything has been successfully purchased, wrapped and prepared, there's still the family to look after and the in-laws to impress. Not for nothing is Christmas the happiest time of the year, but also one of the most stressful.


So here are a few hints and tips on how to cope with Christmas. If you're reading this well after the 'event', don't worry, you're probably still in need of some of these tips to help you through the dark days of winter.


Why not indulge yourself with a candle lit foam bath, or a romantic meal for two with your loved one, listen to soft music, get out to the beach for a brisk walk, have a quiet cup of coffee with the 'girls', read a book. Try to forget for a few minutes what you have to do and make time for yourself.


On top of all this, why not take some time-out to unwind and chill-out with some pampering treats and relaxing therapies? There are lots on offer and there is something for everyone.

There's nothing quite like an invigorating Indian Head Massage to take away all your neck, head and shoulder tension, ache and pains, and leave you with a great feeling of well-being.

Reflexology soothes many ailments through the manipulation of reflex points on the feet or hands. Reflexology is given in a warm, candle-lit room with soothing music and a reclining chair that puts you into 'weightlessness'. So it's not surprising that many of my clients 'drift off' during treatment and some would sleep on for an hour or two, but for the fact they need to get back to their busy schedules!


Hopi ear candles are just as relaxing, and there's nothing like the soothing fizz and crackle of the warm candle to send you into a trance and off to sleep. Not to mention the wonderful facial to finish it off!


If you're lucky enough to pamper yourself, don't just rush in and out of your treatment, make the most of it, let yourself go and surrender yourself. If you do this you will get far more from it and the benefits will last longer. These treatments work on their own, but they work much better if you take the time to embrace them. Get someone to look after the kids for a couple of hours, and don't rush back to the routine too quickly, take a while to savour the treatment. Focus on the feeling of warmth and relaxation in your whole body, and soak in it for a few minutes more.


You're probably thinking you can't afford the time for such indulgences such as this; that you don't have time to make an appointment, let alone go for the treatment. But make time. The benefits of a little 'me time' might surprise you... and your family!


Alternatively, Christmas is a time for giving, so why not give the special person you care about most the 'gift' of an hour or twos relaxation through a treatment.


So... get on with the hustle and bustle of shopping and parties this Christmas, but also try to find some time to pamper yourselves, relax and re-charge your batteries.

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