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Does your baby keep you awake at night? Do they suffer from colic, wind, reflux, constipation or teething pain? If so, Baby Reflex may be the answer to your prayers for a good night's sleep and a happy and contented baby.


Baby Reflex is a specially adapted set of reflexology techniques to help parents, ease, relieve and eliminate the discomforts all babies suffer from, in addition to strengthening the bond between parent and child.


Baby Reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a chartered physiotherapist and qualified Reflexologist, who has worked with mothers and young children for over fifteen years. It originates from some research Jenny carried-out with GPs to examine the benefits of reflexology for asthmatic children. Following treatment from Jenny, children experienced reduced asthma, had a greater ability to relax, slept well, had a better quality of life and, not surprisingly, the children thoroughly enjoyed the treatment. The results were so impressive Jenny decided to launch Baby Reflex, to help all children, not only those with asthma.

Jenny now trains qualified Reflexologists in her practical techniques to enable them to pass-on the techniques to parents through three, weekly workshops.


Each of the workshops is themed, making it easier for parents (or grandparents!) to absorb the information and learn the technique. The first week looks at improving feeding and digestion; week two covers how to improve sleep patterns and how to comfort and calm a hyperactive baby; while week three focuses on the baby's well-being, i.e. teething, ear, nose and throat complaints, sinusitis and insect stings.


Baby Reflex works the same way as reflexology in adults, (see my earlier articles) but it has been specially adapted to suit the needs of babies, taking into account their size and well-being.


All the workshops are carried out by a qualified Reflexologist who has been trained in Baby Reflex techniques, and parents who attend these workshops are given a 'baby pack', providing diagrams and guidelines on how to practise and provide these techniques at home.


Baby Reflex can be carried out anywhere, any time. If your baby is screaming in a supermarket, you can gently calm them while continuing with the shopping, and the baby will relax, calm down and quite possibly fall asleep.


Most parents have either tried or heard about the benefits of reflexology and many more seek more natural lifestyles and treatments for their babies. Baby Reflex offers many of these benefits, as it is a safe, non-invasive, drug free alternative for many baby ailments and discomforts.

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